Music, The Universal Language

It was the very first day of my music diploma. We were waiting for our western theory teacher. I was surrounded by bunch of other guys like me wishing to learn music and start their professional musical journey. After few minutes, our teacher appeared. Before we get into learning the lesson for the day, he started the lecture with the question “What is music”. We all got into guessing the best suitable answer. Some gave philosophical answers, some tried to connect their understanding with this term. After we got tired with all our guesses, our teacher uttered this “Musical is a language, a universal language”.



We all gave an expression as if we knew the answer. Yes he is right. It is a language that people will understand even if they don’t know your linguistic. People listen to a musician and they get into the message, sentiments, purpose and expression of belonging that musician holds in his art. It has been experimented that people from a different background with languages respond to a different style of music. People connect themselves. You might have witnessed it on different places where people don’t understand the lyrics but respond the music and enjoy it and also appreciate it.


It is music which has been creating bonds among people around the world. It is music which has been breaking the walls of restrictions among humans to let them embrace each other. You can win people and their hearts and spread a positive vibe everywhere. Music has evolved a lot in recent years. The trend and the style have changed but the core purpose is still there.



I still remember when our teacher used to play musical pieces in German, French and in other languages. But still we were able to understand the message and the sense of its expression. It was really amazing to feel the music and understand the purpose. It was the time I figured it out how music works. And if you look around yourself you will hear different sounds that communicate you in a different way, perhaps you don’t understand them but there is something they are telling you. In the same way, the musicians around the world communicate with you. You need to pay attention to understand what they are trying to convey. Music sometimes take you to somewhere you feel happy, satisfied and relax. You wish to be alone and look inside yourself and read your body, mind, soul. It gives you immense strength to make decisions in your life that you need badly.


Music has been an ultimate way to express and communicate with the people around the globe. You give out to music, music gives out the world to you.